The Designer

Designer Anya Willique was born and raised in the Bahamas and later migrated to the Turks and Caicos Islands where she would reference much of her creative influence to the vivid colours and textures of the island’s scenery.
Having arrived to London from America to continue her degree in business, Anya found beauty and inspiration in London’s vibrant culture and the city’s juxtaposition of old and modern architecture.
At first it was an initial curiosity and personal love for luxury handbags, which spurred Anya to explore further into the design process and craftsmanship behind some of the most iconic handbag designers.
After producing a small range of handbags as gifts and encouraged by the positive reaction from friends and family, Anya took the bold move to establish Willique as a brand within its own right.
“My vision for Willique is for both men and women to appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship within the most everyday practical item – the handbag. Marrying my love for luxury leather goods and a need to channel my creativity – it was only natural that I should venture into handbags. As a self-taught, young female designer who has been fully immersed in every aspect of establishing Willique, I am both passionate about showcasing the quality and durability within my designs and excited for the future of the Willique brand.”

- Anya Willique.

Willique captures the essence of Anya’s experiences, wanderlust and personal memories. The importance of sustainable design, ethical production and longevity married with beautiful form are at the forefront Anya’s designs and for the direction of the brand.

Anya Willique Bags